Hope is such a beautiful end.

“You don’t hope for things which you know will happen”

People usually do not hope for anything. They just hope for a hope. They content their feelings in a systematic order of weed, alcohol, smoke and mistakes. Yes, there are many people who have sorted their hopes out and worked for them but for the people who have not, this might just be for you.

You do not hope for something. Instead, you hope for the feeling of it. You hope that it comes to you, mesmerizes you and stays with you. Now, you could either think that people you meet and experiences you gain are vague and futile or you could link them to your past and sync them deep in the medial temporal lobe within your head. If it ever comes to hoping for materialistic things, then you seek motivation. In order to achieve the required zest and you will need to look for the reasons as to why you need to work for them.

You hope for a forever but you won’t get it. This is because nothing lasts forever. Hope does. Most of the stories that you’ve lived and most of the people you’ve wanted to keep in your life, left, right?! This is because of hope. Everything. Every story, every regret, every stage, event, call, text, memory drops down to hope. You only hope that things would happen and when they don’t, it comes to an end. An end with hope.

There could be worse ways via which it could go down, but, hope is the best ending you can get.

Hold on to hope.

Image courtesy : Mike Shinoda. [Linkin Park]

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