Frozen, still.

We say things. We hurt people. We ask for favors and uncountable next times. We demand our rights. We break our habits and we let go of ourselves. We become insane. We pry over the rights and wrongs when there’s nothing right and nothing left. We make amends and we never stick to them. We are filled with emotions that are not suitable and the flaws we cannot possibly comprehend. We are a generation so evolved that the only thing we concentrate on are profits. Even out of emotions. We are so contained in our little selves that we do not expand our horizons towards the universe. We are so desperate to have everything but not even a bit concerned about being anything. We are graded and tested and evaluated on the terms of looks, gender, caste and money when in the contradictory we shouldn’t ever be judged. They say that human emotions are filled with flaws and frowns and that do not bother anything but as soon as a person raises their voice against the standards of living or the brand of the car you own, people loose their minds. They go crazy about the insanity of sanity and they forget every moral they ever learned. We pretend to be ourselves while we are trying so hard to copy someone in order for someone to cope up with us. Where is the justice here? How do we get out of this vicious circle? You really think this is life? This is what was meant for us? A future decided by the situations of our ancestors? We were supposed to be better than this. At least I hope we are meant to be. But it doesn’t make a difference, does it? There will be an infinite number of writers and artists who will portray their realities. Are you certain there is nothing more? Everyone is contained to think about the future. Why not now? Why not contain yourself in the present and represent what we were made to be?

When was the last time you loved wholeheartedly? Without ever expecting anything? Without the sliver of a doubt? When was the last time you helped someone out so your karma does not fuck you up? When was the last time you imagined your scenarios with purely dreams? When was the last time you lived?

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