How to save a life?

Your beauty doesn’t reside in short clothing,

It resides in your eyes,

The way they glitter and sparkle,

Over the wounded men who are startled.

It resides in your smile,

The way your lips curve up slowly and then all at once.

It resides in your beautiful hair,

The way they touch your face and annoy you a bit.

It resides in your hands,

The way they muster delicacy and empower the same wounded men.

It resides in your sneakers, jeans and a loose top,

The way it imperfectly fits on your perfect body.

It resides in your voice,

The way it echoes in my mind all night.

It resides in the soft touch of your lips,

Where as we touch, everything else stops.

It resides in the way you naturally are,

I’ll never let there be a scar.

You can dance all you want on the roof of my car . . .

You left your high heel marks,

On the roof and on my heart.

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