You need my words and here I am 

Trying to prove something that I can’t 

Understanding the paradox of insanity 

Unable to succumb to virtuality 

Soldering on but, cannot understand the rush of my reality 

This is now something else for you 

Cause I’m pretty sure you can’t see my view 

And in these lyrics that I write to you 

I hope you somehow find a meaning or a clue 

I’m not here to stick like a rodent

I’m here to stay for you like I’m important 

But since everyone knows that this is how I deliver my shit out 

Here are my words in an organized way down. 

For the things that I wear and for the heart that’s weary, 

I feel nothing now when people use me. 

That’s the way it’s gonna be, 

And somehow, 

I’m ready to be a wannabe. 

So here are my words that purely say I couldn’t breathe. 

And here are the facts that say I’m not ‘the’ 

As for the circumstances that arise in me, 

I’m sorry my oceans are too far out to be controlled by a she. 

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