We never realize how peaceful it is laying under the blanket and colliding breaths and whispering songs until it is the time to part. We’re lost in the euphony of the voice. There’s a sudden blizzard of hollowness and labyrinth as soon as we think there’ll be a time when we’ll part. There comes the soft blow from the lips that has such a powerful message to convey that words can never do justice with. In this moment, we are trapped in the utmost belief that our heart is safe. The clenching heart now stops itself from hurting and starts fueling up love. You tire yourself out to fill yourself with this one human emotion so strong that half the world with the other half cannot resist this spell. Such beauty in these innocent things are bound to startle. Falling asleep in the arms of a lover can never just be one sided. The pain comes on the nights when you have to sleep alone. Without your favorite touch, without you breathing their fragrance. 

Then the naked reality strikes. The omens start to fade and the panic feeds on love. It grips you in ways you never imagined. They’re feeling the blues as they drive towards the docks. Nothing but empty smiles masquerading on the fear of what is coming next. The time doesn’t move and you desperately hope it doesn’t even crawl. There comes the last hug where all your inside crawl underneath the skeleton. Increase in cardiovascular movement and the mind fucked between so many things to say you end up in a never lasting motion of wrapping your arms around which seems so regular. With every passing second your tears build up and that’s how you know how important is the person. 

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