And I got the Vitruvian man in a triangle cause it’s a symbol for something I believe in and not the true art itself. It need not be replicated especially by someone who’d spend their lives creating somebody else’s art. I needed to get this off. It was etched onto my skin. So it doesn’t matter cause ultimately we’re all doomed. It’ll all just fade and even love is a series of chemical reactions that your body biologically rings at times. Being a hypocrite and now being judged, I’d say that you mattered…a whole lot more than other people. And losing you did not mean the end, it meant oblivion. I’ve come to grips with scintillating memories of our past and I’m beginning to feel why is it only my mind that’s having a hard time letting go when all I’ve done is answer the bell. I guess this might be the first time after ages that I am back and talking to you. I’ve always been a little scared talking to you. But it was the tough exterior that I wore which wouldn’t allow me to be true. Before you dismiss this conversation by blaming me, I’d like you to know that I never thought ill for you. I don’t know if you’d recall but do you even remember how ecstatic I was having you? Nothing has ever topped that. Not yet. I don’t mean to brag but nothing will. 

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