Bike rides and love bites, 
Not just a man with insight.
Showcase your soul and find me whole
To nurture to shower,
All that I behold;
Comes back right to you,
I think I'll forever wait in that cue 
Time is an illusion, true 
I have deciphered the clues 
That you never sent through..
I guess I'm obsessed with being your man?
So many words for the broken heart, 
Nothing left to see in this crimson love 
Rusted and edgy,
I fight for my serenity 
Fixing your flaws was not only my duty 
I took it as an emblem to carry 
Wrong of me to make you a part of my diary 
Feminine and agile, 
You belong with the Nile 
Can I mend your heart and make you fly? 
Like blossoms of the eve dancing in the sky. 
I'll take the liberty of being your messenger...
Cause in your perfection, 
I found my answer.

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