Someone did notice. 

And so let me entwine this tale with the touch of her lips,

Of a boy who once lived and the girl he once loved.

In the hearts of the summit near the mountains,

And could cross the roads as he wanted.

There were days he wouldn’t sleep and nights he couldn’t stand,

All of this was meant to be a part of some unearthing plan.

He galloped the river and far beyond rose his fantasy, in his different form.

He saw a people passing him by,

but not for once could he ever deny,

The curls swung past him and he turned around and blinked.

For the first time in his life,

He knew he was going to sink.

And so came in the girl he used to think ,

Maybe for the creature of devil or first lady of the sin.

He could not handle her being herself.

Not being able to touch was his deepest regret.

He was cursed by heart and by heart meaning love.

The love that he once lost was the curse he wore,

And so came in the girl with a bow.

He glanced at her, and watched her as she go.

He could not clarify his mind and his heart,

For he who shan’t be named was once again torn apart.

For now is the time he realizes it was him.

The girl knew she was no sin.

A creation of heaven and the daughter of pride.

For she is the girl he loved and he is the guy who lived.

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